Why We Turned Down Captain Kirk: Boldly Going Where No CRM Has Gone Before

About a week ago I was approached to talk about Propertybase on ‘Moving America Forward’, a show highlighting America’s entrepreneurs, and hosted by William Shatner…. WILLIAM SHATNER!!

Okay, so I’m well aware that William Shatner is no longer ‘Captain Kirk’, but that doesn’t stop myself and everyone at Propertybase from getting butterflies about going on a show with him. They had us at ‘Would you like to…’.

I was totally astounded that we would be approached to feature on a show about America’s most promising entrepreneurs, and felt a huge amount of pride for the amazing product we’ve worked so hard to develop.

Willian Shatner, the Enterprise crew and me in 1994 (I am the one on the right)
Willian Shatner, the Enterprise crew and me in 1994 (I am the one on the right)

We’re not just American, we’re an international team

However, the more we learned about the program and content, the more we realised we weren’t really right for the message. You see, we’re not just American, we’re an international team and have been operating globally since our first baby steps to founding the company. In short, Propertybase has always been focused on changing the global real estate community for the better, with scalable CRM that does what you need it to, no matter how big or small the enterprise (pun, intended).

Of course, William Shatner was terribly sad, but when we told him we were simply too busy crafting the best possible product for our global customers base, he didn’t take it so hard.

By being approached for the show, and ultimately turning down the appearance, I learned some important things about our business

Propertybase is making waves, and they’re getting bigger

A short two years after Propertybase was born, our customer base spans over 35+ countries, and continues to expand faster than we could ever have imagined. As a founder you nurture your company with high hopes, but our speed of growth and expansion surprises us every day. Every new signup is a chance to bring a better type of real estate CRM to the community. This demand proves that even startups are rocking the proverbial boat, and we like making waves along with our startup brethren.

Global support for customers in 35+ countries
Global support for customers in 35+ countries

The final frontier: Global Support

Since founding Propertybase we’ve been improving our customer service and support obsessively, so our customers receive all of the best information about how to use the system to its full potential. For example, in June we improved our support response time by 1.2 hours, despite an increasing number of support tickets from customers all around the globe, meaning half of all support queries are now answered within the first 1-8 hours! This bring us another step closer to our goal of ‘following the sun’, and developing the best reputation for customer support in the industry.

We’ve been from Sydney to Hong Kong to Toronto and everywhere in between, giving workshops, and seminars to users from the full spectrum of the real estate industry. Propertybase was created out of our desire for a better CRM in the Real Estate industry, and we can proudly say it’s making a difference to our customers around the globe!

Our Global Team Meeting 2012 – German Alpes

Beam me up – and be part of our team

Last month we were featured in the SmartRecruiters blog, where we got to share some of our thoughts on finding the best talent for our team.

With 3 offices across two continents, we’re providing opportunities for extraordinary individuals to really shine and reap the rewards of their work, in a collaborative environment. We’re extremely proud of this unexpected by-product of our growth.

Our journey is just beginning

It wasn’t until we were asked to star on ‘Moving America Forward’ that we came to the realisation we were only just getting started. Our product is dynamic, our team is energetic, and we haven’t even begun to show the world what Propertybase can really do.

So sorry, Bill. Thanks for the offer. We’ll stick with moving real estate CRM forward for now, no matter how persuasive your velvet voiced charm is.

Disclaimer: No Shatners were actually quoted or emotionally affected in the making of this article 🙂