retorio: How To Identify Talent Faster with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

retorio - the recruiting AI

This is about one of my investments I am very excited about: retorio. A company which solves a fundamental problem for any company which recruits – start up or Fortune 500 company.

During my time as a CEO and founder of various companies I have conducted several hundred of interviews with applicants and tried many assessment tests to find the best candidates for a specific role and with the best fit for the team. Hiring the ‘right’ candidates is key for the success of your company…well, everyone knows this. But what are the ‘perfect’ candidates and how to identify them within hundreds of applications?

Sifting through an overwhelming number of CVs is not fun. It’s also often a waste of time considering that most applicants do not fit the job requirements. The lengthy hiring process negatively affects candidates, too. Waiting too long, potential candidates may be deterred from an open position and into that of a competitor’s.

Well, back in the days there was no technology which could help but it exists now!

In 2018 Mike (my co-founder at Propertybase) and I came across retorio, a spin-off of the Technical University of Munich, and we immediately understood the potential behind their approach. Their mission? To identify talent faster and help to develop your team efficiently.

Retorio combines psychology with technology to solve fundamental human challenges: Making objective inter-personal judgements and ensure that the messages we send are correctly processed by others (e.g., objectively assessed).

The key of the retorio app is their Artificial Intelligence solution which helps to discover sales and customer service talents immediately (!) and gives helpful information how to develop your team over time.

I highly recommend anyone who is in charge of hiring people to check them out. Here is a blog post which explains how AI can help in recruiting: