Our new office!

We (www.propertybase.com) will move into a new office in August. This is exciting! It’s such a great space! I have copied the post from our Propertybase blog below:

…First, check the video that we have taken today. As you can see the space is not yet finished but you will get a good impression of its unique character:

We have shared an office with our friends at nfon and hetras and this will be our first ‘own’ office.¬†Actually, it was not easy to find a space like this. We have worked together with several real estate brokers and have probably visited 100+ offices until we found this space. Funny enough, we got it without an agent (saved us a significant amount of money) directly from the landlord (thanks to Clarissa who not only runs our Recruiting but also watched the real estate market in Munich closely!).

The landlord has planned to refurbish the space but hasn’t done yet. And since we felt in love with the space immediately we asked him if we could do the planning – which he agreed. We decided to hire an Architect and after a lot of discussions she came up with the following plan (click on the plan to enlarge it and see the illustrations):

As you can tell from the plan we have one large open space plus the usual meeting room for up to 10-14 people. I like the phone booths a lot: In the current office we always had problems with the noise when people were doing online meetings and webinars. This will be solved now.

What I like in particular (besides the great atmosphere of this loft office) is the gym. Well, it’s not a fully equipped gym but the space will have a lot of toys and you can do a little work out or just have an informal meeting or discussion sitting on the big medicine balls.

Stay tuned; we will update the blog with more pictures when we move in in a couple of weeks.

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