Run your business in the cloud

My own company is a SaaS company ( and we are somehow addicted (in a good way) to light-weight, easy-to-use and affordable enterprise solutions. We therefore have set up our whole ‘internal’ infrastructure on cloud services. And I can say that I am really excited about some of the solutions! So far, we only had great experience. Here is a run down on what products we use:

CRM: (we have heavily customized it 😉 plus we use their platform for one of our products

Case Management: (love your zendesk! The company does really great work)

Subscription & Billing Management: (we have built our own app on their platform)

Document Management: (some in our team still use dropbox but is our single repository for company relevant documents and files)

Roadmap & Tasks Planning:


HR: (great HR app for managing openings and track applications – and it’s free!)

Email, Contacts, Calendaring: Google Business apps

Videos: Youtube and Vimeo

Email Marketing: Vertical Response

Hosting: Hetzner (our latest product is built on Ruby on rails and is hosted by the German company Hetzner. Their servers are high performance server and it was interesting to see that even US based companies have moved their SaaS-apps to Hetzner recently because of their great performance, high reliability and their individual service)

These services allow us to run our whole business on a very professional level at moderate costs.

Are you using cloud apps for your business? What do you use for what and what’s your experience? Let me know.

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