First cool Flickr app for iPad (IMO)

Found this app on the weekend: Flickstackr is IMO the first usable flickr app for the iPad. I was wondering for some time why flickr themselves doesn’t come up with an iPad app. Maybe it’s that they think their website runs on a mobile browser quite well? Anyhow, Flickstackr is an app which makes it easy to take your photoalbum with you and share it with friends – without syncing all pictures to the iPad. The app streams pictures extremely fast and it seems that it always downloads the next 2-3 pictures in parallel. Even on UMTS presenting pictures works quite well.

Funny, you won’t find this app in the iTunes app store if you search by ‘flickr’. For any reason the app doesn’t show up (yet). You can find more details about the app on the developer’s website:

Here are some screenshots:

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